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About KGH Logistics

KGH 3PL Logistics is a third-party logistics provider with roots in the distribution industry dating as far back as 1957. Still owned by the original family, KGH now provides 3rd party services catered to small and medium-sized businesses with a focus on quality and communication. With more than 60 years’ experience not just providing 3rd party services but operating a full-scale distribution company shipping all 50 states and numerous countries; at KGH we understand the unique challenges business owners face when it comes to inventory processing. We are not just an inventory processer, we are a partner that understands you.


We feel the 3PL industry has often left small to medium-sized businesses behind, focusing on large-volume customers with cookie-cutter solutions. At KGH we specifically focus our attention on this customer segment because we believe we offer a best-in-class solution to small/medium-sized companies, allowing them to truly compete in the marketplace. By providing quality service and outstanding communication we allow business owners to stay focused on growing their primary business operations.

KGH 3PL Logistics owns and operates warehouses in Louisville, KY and Mount Joy, PA. To learn more about how we can partner with you click the “Request a Quote” button below.

Louisville, KY
Kinseys South Warehouse Photo Still Image 002_EDIT Large.jpeg
Mount Joy, PA
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