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Below are frequently asked questions that will provide you a baseline understanding of how we operate. For more information, please reach out directly via Request a Quote to have an in-depth conversation about how we can help grow your business.

Q: Do you have a free 30-day unconditional trial period?

A: Yes, the first 30 days is a risk-free trial period that can be ended by either party

Q: Do you offer free account setup?

A: Yes, all client onboarding is free but we do charge a small fee for each new item built in our system

Q: Do you offer additional services outside of normal pick/pack/ship?

A: Yes, additional account management or reconciliation services are offered upon request at hourly rates

Q: Do you have a no long-term contract agreement?

A: Yes, we do have a 12-month contract that would go into effect after the initial 30-day trial period

Q: Is there a minimum contact period?

A: Yes, there is a minimum contract period of 12 months. The contract can be ended by either party after that time frame with a 60-day notice.

Q: Do you offer an Order Accuracy Guarantee?

A: Yes, we guarantee the accuracy of your order or the picking fee will be waived for that order.

Q: If you make an error on an order, will you pay an error penalty fee on top of correcting the mistake?

A: On the off chance that an error is made processing your order, we would correct the mistake but would not pay a penalty

Q: Do you have a "no hidden fees" policy?

A: Yes, we have a “no hidden fees” policy. We are very open and transparent about our fees and when they are charged.

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